Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love and Hate Cannot Exist in the Same Space

Wednesday March 24, from 2:30-3:30 pm, Rachel, I and anyone else who wants to join us will be standing outside Fort Dorchester High School In Summerville, South Carolina.

We will be holding signs of love and doing all we reasonably can to surround and hide from sight the group from Westboro Baptist Church who will be there to protest.

I've read the website. Still can't quite figure out why this small town school deserves the wrath of these... people... but I will stand up to say they are wrong.
I've heard suggestions that we should just ignore them.


We're the body of Christ, right? If you had a festering, stinking, pus filled infection on your face, would you be able to ignore it? They claim to be a mouthpiece for God. If the Body ignores this gaping wound, it won't go away. It will spread.

I plan to stand up and be counted as one who knows the reality of Love... not twisted hate.

I can't ignore hate speech that claims to speak for me. I will speak for myself and hope others of my faith dare to stand up and do the same.